A Brief Guide to the Transformers' Dinobots

A Brief Guide to the Transformers' Dinobots

Jun 25, 2014

Even if you don't like Michael Bay's Transformers movies, we all agree that robot dinosaurs are cool, right? Luckily for us, Transformers: Age of Extinction offers exactly that. Optimus Prime even gets to ride one. But who are these Dinobots? What are they like? Do they have favorite bands or restaurants? We may not be able to answer all these questions, but we can definitely help you out with the first one.


The Originals



Grimlock is the Dinobot head honcho. He's not very nice. He's also not very smart (or he might just be faking it). More than anything, he can turn into a T. rex, which is a lot more than most of us can say. If you only know one Dinobot by name, chances are it's this guy.



Slag can turn into a triceratops and stands as the Dinobot's second in command. He can be quite argumentative, even with his leader, Grimlock, and is a bit overaggressive in general. Eventually, it was discovered that "slag" is a swear word in some cultures, so they changed his name to Slug.



Sludge is not very smart, but you do not want to mess with him. An apatosaurus (that's one of the really big ones) when in dinosaur mode, he can cause earthquakes just by stomping his feet around. He can also shoot laser beams from his eyes and mouth.



Snarl is not a happy robot. He doesn't even like Grimlock. War is the only thing that gives him pleasure. He's not even happy with his awesome stegosaurus dinosaur form. He would probably really love Game of Thrones, though.



Swoop is a pteranodon, which means he can fly. He is also kind of a nice robot, especially compared to his Dinobot buddies. He has a real weakness when it comes to his wings, however. They are not as armored as the rest of him, and this allows him to be shot down easily.



Paddles is another Dinobot from this era, but only in comic book form. Like Swoop, he is a more friendly robot than his Dinobot pals. He is also not very smart. Apparently, the other Dinobots don't even like him very much. Maybe it's because as an elasmosaurus, he's only really useful in water battles.


Dinoking (aka Monstructor)

There is also a group of Dinobots called the Dinoforce. Their roll call goes like this: Goryu - a T. rex, Kakuryu - a triceratops, Rairyu - a pterodactyl, Doryo - a stegosaurus, Yokuryu - an apatosaurus, and Gairyu - an ankylosaurus. They sound a lot like the original Dinobots, but they can actually come together like Voltron and form a huge Transformer called Monstructor (though the Japanese name, Dinoking, is way cooler).


Beast Wars



Maybe you have a friend who's really into this sort of thing. If so, you may have heard that Beast Wars is not just nerd-good but actually good-good. Well, it's kind of true, and Dinobot's character arc is a good example why. He stars in the show as a villain but grows increasingly more complex and interesting as the series progresses. His story has jealousy, heroism, even tragedy (relatively so - this is Transformers, not Macbeth). He's definitely among the show's best characters.


Transmetal Dinobot

At some point Beast Wars' main bad guy, Megatron (but not THAT Megatron), decided he wanted a Dinobot who would be awesome like his old pal but without his pesky code of honor and eventual betrayal. So he built one, the Transmetal Dinobot. He was all kinds of nuts.


So which of these are actually in Transformers: Age of Extinction?

It looks like Transformers: Age of Extinction will feature seven Dinobots, some we know and some we don't. Obviously, there's Grimlock. He's all over the ads, after all. But there's also Strafe - a two-headed, two-tailed pteranodon, Slug - a highly destructive triceratops, Scorn - the demolition expert who turns into a spinosaurus, Slash - a cute little velociraptor, Slog - a massive apatosaurus, and Snarl - just a regular old robot stegosaurus.


Who knows how much screen time each of these Dinobots will get and if that screen time will be well utilized Robo-dino-action-wise. It's pretty hard to beat the image of Optimus Prime riding Gridlock into battle, and we've already seen a lot of that. So there's a definite good sign.




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