Warner Bros. Adds Years to Digital Copy Expiration Dates; Will Reactivate Expired Codes

Warner Bros. Adds Years to Digital Copy Expiration Dates; Will Reactivate Expired Codes

Aug 21, 2012

Most new-release Blu-rays these days include a digital copy, either on a separate disc or via an included download code. The catch, however, is that most distributors set the expiration date of the activation code to a year or so after the movie first goes on sale. This doesn't mean you only have a year to watch the digital copy, it just means you have to actually activate the code online within that window. If you buy a movie a year after its release, you're out of luck. 

It's a lame cap to an otherwise convenient service and it's put there with the intention that it'll drive more sales and people will buy physical movies sooner lest they lose the opportunity to claim their included digital copy. Thankfully Warner Bros. realizes that the cap is lame, and so they've extended the digital copy expiration date on all of their titles until May 17, 2017. And not only that, but they've also reactivated already expired codes and given them a new five-year lease on life.

Various tech websites have been covering the change in policy, with users reporting varied results. In most cases it appears that expired codes are now activating normally, though some users have apparently had to contact Warner Bros. customer service to get a new code. Either way, the studio seems to be pretty accommodating to those looking to get the most out of their purchase, and we applaud them for that. Hopefully more distributors follow their lead.

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