You Can Play a 16-Bit 'Die Hard' Video Game Right Now

You Can Play a 16-Bit 'Die Hard' Video Game Right Now

May 17, 2013

Except there's a few things we should mention first:

1. It's a 16-bit video game based on the critically panned A Good Day to Die Hard, and not any of the other Die Hard movies. So while there's a chance you may actually enjoy the game more than the movie, most likely you'll walk away dissatisfied by both.

2. You don't even get to play as John McClane! Seriously, you create a video game to promote a Die Hard movie and you don't let us play as John McClane, the hero of the Die Hard movies?! Instead you're asked to play as John's son, Jack, whose character probably isn't all tied up in the sort of legal knot that prohibits him from starring in this bland Super Mario Bros. ripoff.

3. That being said, we do like being able to continually stomp on the heads of Russian villains who all look exactly like Bennett (Vernon Wells), the villain from Commando

4. Anyway, you've got time to kill and we've said way more than needs to be said about this game, so feel free to have at it by clicking on the link below. [via Topless Robot]

Play the A Good Day to Die Hard 16-bit Game 

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