'Die Hard' Director Gets One Year in Prison

'Die Hard' Director Gets One Year in Prison

Oct 04, 2010

Though you might think the courts have finally made director John McTiernan accountable for his disastrous 2002 film Rollerball by sentencing the man to one year in prison, you'd be mistaken. (That said, I'm sure all movie fans hope and pray that the future will make it possible for us to sentence filmmakers to prison for making bad movies. And if that's the case ... well, I feel real bad for M. Night Shyamalan.) Actually, McTiernan was sentenced to one year in prison for lying to authorities about his role in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping scandal.

Who is Anthony Pellicano and how could the same guy who directed Die Hard make a film as horrific as Rollerball? Well, we can answer at least one of those questions. Pellicano was a private investigator "to the stars" who used all sorts of shady tactics to acquire information for his clients. McTiernan had lied to authorities with regards to the wiretapping of Rollerball producer Chuck Roven during production of the 2002 film. So not only was Rollerball the worst film of his directorial career, but it's also costing him one year in Federal prison. So, yeah, in a way he is heading to the slammer due to his involvement in one of 2002's worst films. How's that for justice?

And talk about movies that are cursed ... Rollerball star Chris Klein went to rehab recently after being caught drinking and driving, while one of the film's other stars, Rebecca Romijn, wound up marrying Jerry O'Connell. Poor thing.

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