Your Favorite Thing Today: 'Die Hard' Trailer Re-created Using Blooper Footage

Your Favorite Thing Today: 'Die Hard' Trailer Re-created Using Blooper Footage

Dec 18, 2013

If we're not at that point of supercut exhaustion, then we'll be there real soon. Every day we are inundated with themed video mash-ups to the point where we hope the great mash-up artists of the world introduce some newness to this trend in 2014 or else -- eh, we'll still watch 'em anyway. There is a new trend emerging, though, and it's one we're definitely liking. Essentially video editors are taking old movie trailers and then re-creating them using some footage from the original, but then replacing the rest with footage from the film's blooper reel.

Take this Die Hard trailer as a hilarious example. Some of the footage is the same -- and that long voiceover (movie trailers used to overdose on the long voiceover that explained everything) -- is also the same, but as you'll see the rest is made up of bloopers. Instead of Bruce Willis crawling through a ventilation shaft with a lighter spewing out that classic line, we get Bruce Willis fumbling for the right position while yelling for the camera to start rolling. 

We've seen trailers recut to fit another genre, but these are different. After we've seen several hundred of them we're not sure we'll be singing its praises, but right now it still feels fresh enough to enjoy. So, enjoy! [via Slackstory]

And here's the entire blooper reel for Die Hard in case you're curious.




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