Samuel L. Jackson Would Totally Do Another 'Die Hard' with Bruce Willis

Samuel L. Jackson Would Totally Do Another 'Die Hard' with Bruce Willis

Apr 15, 2014

We're long past due for a big-screen reunion between Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, and our dreams of more wisecracking buddy comedy between the two may come true sooner than you think. According to rumblings around the movieverse, 20th Century Fox is interested in another Die Hard sequel starring both Willis and Jackson, who paired up in the funniest (and most entertaining, in our opinion) Die Hard sequel, Die Hard with a Vengeance.

The latest rumor comes from industry scooper El Mayimble over at Latino Review, who took to Twitter with the news.



Of course this isn't the first time both were rumored for another Die Hard sequel. The same news also went around this past November, when an amateur screenwriter caused a bit of a dustup claiming Fox was interested in making his Die Hard sequel script, which was set in Japan and included a reunion between Willis' John McClane and Sam Jackson's Zeus.


In the couple of movies they've starred opposite each other (Die Hard 3, Unbreakable), Willis and Jackson have displayed tremendous chemistry, to the point where it's surprising they haven't done more. When we caught up with Jackson while he was promoting Django Unchained, we asked him about a potential Die Hard reunion, and he was totally down.

Check out a snippet from our interview below: Speaking of your other roles, we're big fans of Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Jackson: Zeus! We wanted to see you reprise your role from that movie in one of these sequels they keep doing. Why does that not happen? 

Jackson: They kept saying they were going to put us back together in another Die Hard movie, but it never happened. Where is this new one -- what is he in Russia? Yeah.

Jackson: Yippie-ki-yay motherf**ker! [Laughs] I saw the trailer. You guys have great chemistry together. Have you ever wanted to do something else with Bruce Willis?

Jackson: Yeah, we had great chemistry in Unbreakable too, which was supposed to be a trilogy and that never happened.  That would be great, though. I like Bruce.  


Would you like to see these two tough guys reunite for another Die Hard sequel? 




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