'Die Hard 6' Might Be Set in Tokyo and Called 'Die Hardest'

'Die Hard 6' Might Be Set in Tokyo and Called 'Die Hardest'

Apr 30, 2013

Hope you’re ready for more John McClane, because Fox is currently drafting a treatment for a sixth Die Hard movie.

You might find yourself thinking, wait, didn’t A Good Day to Die Hard kind of tank at the box office? It did – domestically – but the new Hollywood likes worldwide grosses every bit as much as those coming from within the borders of the USA. So, the fact that A Good Day to Die Hard only made $67 million on the homefront (less than it’s $92 million budget…) is irrelevant when factoring in the fact the film made $235 million in global receipts.

So, what does this mean? It means we’re getting another Die Hard, and it’s going to be set abroad (again) to make it appealing to foreign markets.

Total Film has learned that Brit writer Ben Trebilcook is hard at work on the treatment for the new film, tentatively titled Die Hardest (good lord…). Early plot details indicate that the latest adventure will start in NYC before heading to Tokyo. No word yet on whether Bruce Willis or the studio will actually get behind this concept, but the idea of John McClane potentially squaring off against the Yakuza could be interesting. If they get Takeshi Kitano and Tadanobu Asano to be the main bad guys in this thing, I’d line up early to see it.

Honestly, though, we’ve had enough Die Hard for the time being. It’s time to let John McClane ride off into the sunset (preferrably while singing “Happy Trails” as he goes) and enjoy retirement. Do you guys want another Die Hard film? Share your reasoning with us in the comment section. 


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