Did You Know: That You Can Literally Buy District 12 from 'The Hunger Games'?

Did You Know: That You Can Literally Buy District 12 from 'The Hunger Games'?

Apr 06, 2012

The coal-mining region of The Hunger Games' District 12 is up for grabs. THR reports that Katniss' home territory is looking for a buyer to the tune of $1.4 million — all 72-acres of Panem's redheaded stepchild. The real-life name of the area on the market is Henry River Mill Village. It's located near Hildebran about 70 miles away from Asheville, North Carolina. Lionsgate transformed the village for the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' popular young adult novel, and now it needs a new landowner.

The mill on location burned down in 1977, but the village still contains about 20 buildings. The number of Hunger Games' fans visiting the area hasn't pleased current owner Wade Sheperd. Hopefully the 83-year-old can get those damn kids off his lawn soon. In the meantime, to further cash in on the success of the movie, the Division of Tourism has created a four-day sightseeing trip that allows visitors to check out several locations in North Carolina — including Triple Falls, the woodsy area around Bridal Veil Falls, and parts of Transylvania County (we want to go to there). On top of all that, there's also this pretty intense Hunger Games Fan Tour that has you training to compete in a real-life version of the Hunger Games, minus the killing of other teenagers.

We wonder how long it will take for someone to start bottling the dirt from River Mill Village/District 12 — the fictional city being known for its dusty, dirty layer of grime thanks to all the coal — and sell it on eBay.

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