Did You Know: Silent Classic and First Best Picture Winner 'Wings' is Now Screening in Theaters?

Did You Know: Silent Classic and First Best Picture Winner 'Wings' is Now Screening in Theaters?

May 02, 2012

This year's silent epic The Artist was one of two films to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. William A. Wellman's 1927 fighter pilot movie Wings was the other — and it did it first. Cinemark Theaters will be screening the World War I-based film in select theaters today, May 2 and May 16. Film School Rejects points out the feature is being shown in the chain's Extreme Digitial auditoriums, which honors the recent high-def restoration and Blu-ray release that rolled out January 24 coinciding with the centennial anniversary of Paramount. Wings was previously thought to be a lost film until a print was discovered in the Cinémathèque Française archive.

Starring silent acting legend Clara Bow, Wings was an early model for what has become the typical, big-budget studio bonanza, with $2 million dollars invested in the production — double the usual price tag for the roaring twenties, and the equivalent to $24 million today. Hopefully fans of classic cinema will come out to support the theatrical release, which features some of the first nudity ever on screen and the first same sex kiss (two men, even!). We'd love to see more historically significant gems on the big screen, and hope to see more events like this in the near future. Check out a trailer for the Blu-ray release of Wings below.

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