Did You Know: Keanu Reeves Gave Up His 'Matrix' Money?

Did You Know: Keanu Reeves Gave Up His 'Matrix' Money?

Nov 28, 2011

Note: Keanu fans may already be well aware of this fun little factoid, but those who aren't should definitely read on ...

Everyone's favorite space cadet, Keanu Reeves, is one generous dude. The Speed actor has reportedly given away a huge chunk of change to some of The Matrix crew. Reeves signed off on a deal that transferred his profit-sharing points to the sci-fi franchise's special effects and costume design crew. The Wall Street Journal quoted an unnamed movie exec who said Reeves " … felt that they were the ones who made the movie and that they should participate."

Apparently the Constantine actor also shared his sky-high stacks on The Devil's Advocate, too. Reeves let producers skim a few million from his bank so they could afford the wicked John Milton AKA Al Pacino. Later on, he followed suit with The Replacements so he could work with Gene Hackman. Thanks to generous back-end deals on The Matrix franchise, Reeves should be set for life — particularly since he seems more interested in playing in a band and sadly eating a sandwich than flaunting his dough.

Reeves will be appearing in Generation Um… (sounds about right) and Carl Rinsch's upcoming 47 Ronin, which sends the star back to the 18th century for a samurai revenge tale. Check out the first on-set image of Reeves from that film below.

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