Did You Know: George Lucas is Building an Office Designed to Look Like a Jawa Sandcrawler? (PICS)

Did You Know: George Lucas is Building an Office Designed to Look Like a Jawa Sandcrawler? (PICS)

Jul 28, 2011

sandcrawler building

If you were to choose one iconic structure from the Star Wars franchise to design an office building around, chances are you wouldn't immediately think of the Sandcrawler. But upon closer inspection, the large, slow-moving vehicle used by the little Jawas to travel around Tatooine really does have the perfect look for a sleek, modern-day building. And that's exactly what George Lucas thought, too, as he's currently in the process of building a LucasFilm office in Singapore that's modeled after the Sandcrawler featured in the Star Wars movies.

Due to be completed in late 2012, the building will house LucasFilm's regional headquarters and production facility. From the Aedas website, which is the company in charge of the building: "The master planning guidelines for the development are strictly defined, restricting the height envelope and setbacks. Moreover, the guidelines also laid out the minimum amount of mass required on the enclosure. Our design tackled such guidelines, fulfilling the various requirements yet retaining a strong civic identity for the local headquarters. The result is a tapering “horseshoe” floor plan which achieves an average net to gross area efficiency of over 80%. There are planting and green terraces on the exposed wing faces, and the open space is landscaped in a natural & overgrown manner."

Check out images below of the original Sandcrawler from Star Wars, as well as what the finished office building is going to look like. Hey, at least he's not building the real-life Death Star ... yet.

Original Sandcrawler


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