Did You Know: 'The Muppets' Song “Mahna Mahna” Originates from a '60s Softcore Movie?

Did You Know: 'The Muppets' Song “Mahna Mahna” Originates from a '60s Softcore Movie?

Dec 01, 2011

With the new Muppets movie still fresh in our minds, this tidbit of cinema trivia should make you smile — or question your sexuality. The ridiculously catchy song that was featured on The Muppets — you know the one: "Mahna Mahna … " repeat for infinity — and helped the show's 1977 soundtrack album become a number one billboard hit, actually originates from an Italian composer who created the tune for a 60's softcore mondo movie.

Sweden: Heaven and Hell explores the country's nightlife and sexuality, focusing a pervy microscope on lesbianism, porn flicks, swingers, sex-crazed teens, and more. Piero Umiliani — who composed a truckload of music for the 60's and 70's exploitation craze – wrote the track (titling it "Mah Nà Mah Nà") that appeared during a scene where young girls soak in a sauna together. The Muppets popularized it (Umiliani's song actually became a hit in the UK as a result of the show's success) — because who can resist adorable creatures bouncing around to a nonsense song — The Benny Hill Show also featured it during various comedy sketches, and the rest is history.

Check out both versions below.



[via BuzzFeed]

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