Did Channing Tatum Steal Stripper Stories? Who Should Be (Movie) President?

Did Channing Tatum Steal Stripper Stories? Who Should Be (Movie) President?

Jun 25, 2012

Magic Mike

Honest Man in a Thong: Our faith in strippers-turned-actors has been restored. Channing Tatum, who stars in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, has denied accusations from other strippers that he stole some of their stories (as well as some of their stripper moves) and then passed them off as his own. While Tatum worked as a stripper for a period of time, he says: “We created everything from a fictional place.” Ladies, now you can watch him strip, completely guilt-free! [Vulture]

It’s Raining Presidents: The public may not have been ready for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and we never be ready for Charlie Sheen as U.S. President, but what about Aaron Eckhart? He’s been cast as the President in Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen (which we thought had changed titles to White House Taken, but maybe not), which stars Gerard Butler in a thriller that’s in competition with Roland Emmerich’s White House Down, which stars unknown stripper rising star Channing Tatum and is trying to secure Jamie Foxx as its Commander in Chief. Who would you vote for? [Variety]

Psychological Thrills: We just heard that director Rob Reiner is negotiating to return to acting as Leonardo DiCaprio’s father in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, and now he’s getting back into the thriller game as well. He will direct You Belong to Me, which revolves around a psychologist who begins talking about his personal life to his patients. Reiner hasn’t tackled a thriller since 1990’s Misery, which featured an Academy Award-winning performancy by Kathy Bates. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Conceptual Learning: The first teaser for Pixar's Monsters University premiered late last week, and to give you a further taste, here's a piece of concept art, which looks marvelously hand-painted. [Stitch Kingdom via Latino Review]

Monsters University

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