Dialogue: Exclusive Interviews with the Burlesque Stars

Dialogue: Exclusive Interviews with the Burlesque Stars

Nov 24, 2010

In Burlesque, award-winning music star Christina Aguilera plays Ali, a small-town girl with big dreams of becoming a star. She makes her way to Los Angeles, where she falls for a songwriting bartender (Cam Gigandet) at the Burlesque lounge owned by Tess (Cher), and finds a true friend in a dynamic dancer (Julianne Hough). Her big break comes when the show’s star gets fired, and C-Ag takes the stage for her big moment. Will success follow?

Aguilera, Hough and Gigandet sat with Movies.com exclusively to talk about the one and only Cher, Stanley Tucci, and many nervous moments.

Movies.com: So… Cher!
Christina Aguilera: She’s amazing, incredible, she exceeded any and all of my expectations. She’s so down to earth and welcomed me with open arms since the beginning. I learned incredible amounts of priceless information from her both personally and professionally. It was nice walking away and finding a friend in her.
Cam Gigandet: I was so nervous meeting her but after two minutes she has your guard down and she’s so relaxed that you forget you’re actually talking to Cher. She has so much freedom while she works, she takes risks, take after take, and it’s so inspiring for us actors.
Julianne Hough: Going in I was definitely really nervous. I was full out in rehearsal crying and she would say, “Take it easy, you’ve got a lot left to do.” It was definitely a scene that I will have for the rest of my life and it’s with Cher.

Movies.com: Christina, do you have a performance in this movie that stands out?
Aguilera: I’m proud of all my performances, because I really put all my blood, sweat and tears into the making of those songs and then performing them. I really wholeheartedly felt through Ali and took my own personal pain or joy into the up-tempo or ballad songs. It was definitely about letting myself go and feeling the moment.

Movies.com: Julianne, what was it like to share the stage with Christina?
Hough: Christina is fantastic, everything she does she puts her heart and soul into. She wanted to prove to everybody that she is more than just a phenomenal voice.

Movies.com: …And Stanley Tucci?
Aguilera: Amazing. It’s effortless. He calls attention on the set. I think he runs the set more so than anyone else.
Gigandet: He’s just such a pro. Where you just don’t realize what’s going on and he’s in the middle of a scene and makes it look so easy.

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