Dialogue: Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Sweetheart Emma Roberts

Dialogue: Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Sweetheart Emma Roberts

Jun 16, 2011

Rising star Emma Roberts brings a sophisticated, seductive and honest performance in Gavin Wiesen’s directorial debut The Art of Getting. Freddie Highmore co-stars with Roberts as two high school seniors trying to find their place in life.

Roberts sat with us for an exclusive interview and candidly talked about growing up in Hollywood, her relationship with aunt Julia Roberts, her love for the Twilight franchise and her upcoming role as a pop star.

Movies.com: Congratulations on your performance as Sally.
Emma Roberts:
Thank you. I had a really fun time getting to play Sally. I really fell in love with her from the day I read the script up until now. I put a lot of myself into her. I actually wore a lot of my own clothes in the movie.

I like that she came off as a real girl. To me she didn’t come off as a stereotype, she was very honest and had lots of different things going on and sometimes she contradicted herself and lots of people do in real life.

Movies.com: You have the most adorable co-star in this film – Freddie Highmore.
I love Freddie. I think he’s such an intelligent and sweet person. We had so much fun together. Our relationship in the movie is quiet complicated. They are both really intrigued by each other but they realize they are very different and there is an attraction but at the same time it makes things really complicated.

Movies.com: Filming in New York isn’t the easiest thing; did you guys encounter any problems?
I love New York, movies about New York and that take place in New York so for me this was just a dream come true. It’s definitely difficult shooting in New York just because there are so many elements involved. Shooting on the street is always the hardest thing. We only had a month to shoot.

Movies.com: You’re from New York but you’ve been pretty much raised in Hollywood. How do you stay grounded?
I think that because I’ve grown up in Hollywood it’s easier to stay grounded than if I started [here] now because to me it just seems normal. I don’t really know anything different since I’ve been acting for more than half of my life. I’m surrounded by great friends and family. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Movies.com: Speaking of family, your aunt’s film Larry Crowne is coming out soon.
Yes, I saw the trailer but I haven’t seen the film yet.

Movies.com: Do the two of you talk about your work?
We don’t ever really talk about [work]. We’re both so busy that when we do see each other work isn’t at the top of our list.

Movies.com: Do people still compare you to her?
It’s gotten less and less. People do mention it but I don’t really get the comparisons as much, which is nice because I think I’ve carved out my own audience.

Movies.com: What can your fans expect from you next?
I’m currently working on a romantic comedy called Celeste and Jesse Forever. Rashida Jones co-wrote and is co-starring with Andy Samberg. They are just the coolest people ever. I get to play a pop star, which is just so hilarious. I’ve always wanted to do something like it; I’ll be singing and dancing.

Movies.com: So how is the rock star in your life? Is your stepdad Kelly Nickel, former L.A Guns member, making you a bit more rock-n-roll?
He’s the coolest guy ever. He taught me how to play guitar when I was younger. I saw him the other day and he’s so much fun. He’s doing well and he’s still a rock star. He’s all about skulls and stuff like that so now I’m obsessed with skulls and skulls jewelry.

Movies.com: OK, final question. With some many franchises coming to end we want to know: Are you a Twilight and Harry Potter fan?
Yes! I read all the books for Twilight. I haven’t seen all the movies but I loved the books! Harry Potter, I’m a big fan but I didn’t get to see the last movie. I need to catch up on my Harry Potter.

Movies.com: So are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
I’m Team Bella.

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