In Development: Fincher Reteams With 'Se7en' Screenwriter, Scarlett Johansson Directs, and More

In Development: Fincher Reteams With 'Se7en' Screenwriter, Scarlett Johansson Directs, and More

Nov 18, 2011

—— David Fincher will be reuniting with Se7en writer, Andrew Kevin Walker, for the director's retelling of the Jules Verne classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The saga will find angsty literary sea captain Nemo on dangerous expeditions with his "masterpiece containing masterpieces" — the Nautilus submarine. The original 1954 movie was one of Disney's first live-action films, won three Oscars, and was the second highest grossing film that year. Death, destruction, and a mammoth squid threatening to devour the crew should be something that Fincher and Walker can easily imbue with the necessary darkness. If Fincher remains true to the literary character, his Nemo will be fueled by revenge, tortured by his failures as a captain, and somewhat unhinged … but then again this is for Disney. That's something that still tickles us, since these guys made one of the best serial killer movies around. Can the tagline for this one read, "Heads. Will. Roll?" We'd love to see what they'd make if the Mickey Mouse studio wasn't holding the reins.

—— The director bug bit Angelina Jolie, and now it's Scarlett Johansson's turn. The Lost in Translation actress made the short film, These Vagabond Shoes, which was included on the New York, I Love You DVD extras, and now she's setting her sights on Truman Capote's first novel to adapt her first feature film. Summer Crossing was published posthumously in 2005, but was actually written in the '40s. A Manhattan socialite family contends with their 17-year-old daughter's scandalous affair with a Jewish parking attendant. Johansson will be working with playwright Tristin Skyler who happens to be helping another actress with her new film, Julia Stiles. She's adapting The Bell Jar. After David Fincher revealed that Johansson was too sexy to cast in his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is this an attempt to be taken seriously — or has she simply been inspired by working with some of the greatest actors and directors of our time?

—— Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father has seen its fair share of troubles over the past several months, but The Wrap confirms that the troubled project now has a billionaire on its side. (They're going to need him after all that lawsuit drama with Joe Pesci.) Ted Field is a media entrepreneur who has signed on as a producer. He's worked on projects like The Last Samurai, Runaway Bride, and Mr. Holland's Opus. He also has very deep pockets, which is exactly what Gotti needs if it ever wants to realize its story that centers on the relationship between the infamous mob boss and his son, Gotti Jr. This is the first film about the Dapper Don that has seen the cooperation of a family member, and promises an interesting cast — including the always awesome Chazz Palminteri and Kelly Preston.

—— Tarsem Singh is moving quickly from his Snow White adaptation, Mirror, Mirror, to new film Killing On Carnival Row. Clash of the Titans writer Travis Beacham wrote the screenplay, which is set in a fictional city named Burgue that resembles 18th century London and has a serial killer on the loose. Its inhabitants are of the human and creature persuasion. Beacham also worked on Del Toro's Pacific Rim — currently in production — and the director was at one point attached to this project, which has been in development for about six years. We're never worried about Singh's visual talents, and with the dark specter of a murderer looming over the Victorian city inspiring some rich visuals he should totally nail this one.

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