Detroit Woman Sues Because 'Drive' Wasn't 'Fast Five'

Detroit Woman Sues Because 'Drive' Wasn't 'Fast Five'

Oct 07, 2011

I'd like to open this piece with "I couldn't make this stuff up," but that's not true. I could absolutely make this stuff up, but I wouldn't because it's so outrageously stupid:

A Detroit woman is suing film distributor Film District because she went to see Drive, and left angry because she thought it would be more like The Fast and the Furious. So she's suing. She actually found a bored lawyer to take this case. She claims that the trailer misrepresented the film. (She should NOT go see Paranormal Activity 3!) And if that's not stupid enough, her statement also includes a creepy rant about how Drive is anti-Semitic to a somehow dangerous degree. As a lifelong Jew, I find this laughable. 

Check out the (video) story at Click On Detroit and then return here so you can join me in my endless mockery of this stooge-like cinema patron. Our pal David Poland caught wind of this story as well, and I thank him for the handy screenshot! (I heard about this wonderful story via twitterer @stevensantos!) Final thought: we've all joked about suing over misleading film trailers, but now someone has actually done it. Is she a hero or a goofball?

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