Trailer Roundup: 'The Dictator' Drops the Schtick, 'American Reunion' Goes Red Band Again, and More

Trailer Roundup: 'The Dictator' Drops the Schtick, 'American Reunion' Goes Red Band Again, and More

Mar 27, 2012

A handful of new trailers have hit the web this fine day, so let's just dive right into them.

The Dictator

First up is a new trailer for the next Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle, The Dictator. This is actually the French trailer for the film (hence the subtitles), and a few other sites are sharing it with the warning that it reveals plot twists. However, it's pretty clear to us that there's no "twists" spoiled in the trailer, this is just the first marketing that reveals what the movie is actually about. And that's also why it's the first trailer to truly pique our interest. Earlier looks at the Larry Charles-directed film had us believing it was another attempt at Cohen creating a Borat-esque caricature that's just socially awkward, but now we see that it's got a bit more narrative arc to it than that.

Does it mean it will be great? No, but we're more optimistic now for the May 11th release than we were around the time of the Oscars shenanigans.


American Reunion

This isn't the first Red Band trailer for the return of the American Pie gang, and though it does start out the same way as the last one, it does offer up a new look at the film's familiar brand of debauchery. It doesn't give us a look at all of the characters - most of the franchise's returning females are mostly silent here - but the core gang of idiot men are back doing their awkward white people thing.

It should go without saying, but the below trailer is Not Safe For Work.



Based on a story cooked up by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element), the trailers for Lockout promise that it'll be a carefree sci-fi action romp that delights in its own genre conventions. Basically, it totally knows it's Escape From New York in space and makes no attempt to hide it. And, having actually seen the film, I can confirm it makes good on that promise-- assuming you're down for a light-hearted prison break movie that doesn't care too much for science, physics or even basic logic if it gets in the way of its lone man on a mission plot.

This TV spot for the April 13th release comes to us from Coming Soon:



And lastly we have the new theatrical trailer for Joseph Kahn's Detention. Going on the trailer alone, it looks like a high school comedy colliding head first into a Scream ripoff, but the actual film (which had its world premiere at last year's SXSW) is indeed more original than that. Actually, part of its problem is that it spreads itself thin across so many different pop culture topics that it doesn't do a particularly stellar job of nailing any one of them down. But, hey, if a hyper love letter to '90s era MTV culture is your thing, you'll get a kick out of Detention when it hits limited theaters on April 13th.

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