Dear Denzel Washington, Please Join This YouTube Rapper's Crew

Dear Denzel Washington, Please Join This YouTube Rapper's Crew

Sep 15, 2012

Denzel Washington, the best actor ever? According to country-fried rapper Krispy Kreme, he is. Kreme (and his stoic partner Money Maker Mike) wax poetic about the acclaimed actor in their latest track “Denzel Washington.” They make their case by singling out his performances in John Q., The Book of Eli and Remember the Titans, and enthusiastically plead with the Oscar winner to join their “crew.”

Denzel, if you’re reading this, we think it’s a great idea. Krispy Kreme is, after all, the man who is the self-proclaimed baddest of them all; he says so in his breakout song “The Baddest” (which has an astounding six million-plus views on YouTube). If the best actor ever and the baddest of them all teamed up, they’d be unstoppable. Just like the train movie.

Kreme is the kind of YouTube comedy act we love (like Carla Hartmann, the “I love cats” eHarmony dating video girl), where upon first viewing you’re not quite sure if what you’re seeing is a joke or not, then as you watch a little closer you realize that not only is it a joke, but a skillfully executed one. Kreme’s character is so airtight, his videos so hilariously cheap while being full of his own ego, that it’s easy to be fooled into thinking he really is a dumb Southern kid with too much time on his hands. In fact, Kreme’s videos are so painstakingly sincere that it’s a big part of the joke. There’s not one little hint of who this person really is outside of the persona he’s created for himself (and Money Maker Mike).

Check out his music videos for yourself. Is Kreme on the level with his love song to Washington or is he gently mocking?

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