Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen Get Super Weird in New Trailer for 'Death Stranding'

Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen Get Super Weird in New Trailer for 'Death Stranding'

Dec 02, 2016

Death Stranding

A while back we created the Reel TV tag on as an excuse to cover television shows that were increasingly attracting big screen filmmaking talent. We may have to create a Reel Games one, if only so we can keep writing about the utterly bizarre, 'I have no idea what's happening, but I can't look away' world of Death Stranding, a new game from Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima starring Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen.

Yes, you read that correctly. The director of Pan's Labyrinth is one of the stars of a video game alongside that hunky zombie killer from The Walking Dead and the sexiest Hannibal Lecter. The world is an increasingly unpredictable place.

We'd tell you what Death Stranding is about, but when it comes to secrecy, Hideo Kojima makes J.J. Abrams'  mystery box look like it's made out of glass. Kojima makes games that are filled with dense, twisted, convoluted mythology that miraculously ground all of the insane imagery and obtuse storytelling with strong, unforgettable characters. His games, like del Toro's movies, are one-of-a-kind creations. It's no surprise the two have become creative BFFs over the years.

There's a ton of drama and expectations attached to Death Stranding that are probably too inside baseball for a movie site, so we'll just shorthand it in movie terms. Imagine if Christopher Nolan spent his whole career making Batman movies for Warner Bros. Together they found enormous commercial success and were also beloved by critics. And then, at the height of his success, Warner Bros. abruptly locked Nolan out, and not only continued to make his franchise without him, but also threatened to sue Nolan if he went to the Oscars to accept an award for Best Picture for their last production.

That's essentially the short version of what happened with Kojima and his Metal Gear Solid publisher, Konami. But now he's off on his own and Death Stranding is his first creation after the big breakup. To say it's highly anticipated is an understatement. And to say it's going to be very, very, very weird is also an understatement. In case the trailer above didn't make it clear, here's the first, Norman Reedus-centric trailer for Death Stranding. Good luck trying to figure out what it's all about.

Death Stranding is expected to come out on the PS4 before 2019.


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