'Dear Zachary' Epilogue: Find Out What's Happened in the Aftermath of the Heartbreaking Documentary

'Dear Zachary' Epilogue: Find Out What's Happened in the Aftermath of the Heartbreaking Documentary

Apr 04, 2013

When you write about movies for a living, things tend to get repetitive. Not that I don't love geeking out on the next phase of Marvel movies heading our way, or which stars should be cast in the new Star Wars sequel, but often you find that what most fulfills you are those small, personal stories just waiting to be discovered and championed. For me, Dear Zachary was one of those movies. I had attended the documentary's premiere a few years back at the Slamdance Film Festival where I called it "one of the best documentaries I have ever watched in my entire life," and to this day I stand by that. It's probably the film I most championed throughout my career, and it's one I'm happy to say has made a difference in the lives of so many people.

Dear Zachary director Kurt Kuenne e-mailed yesterday with a 14-minute epilogue he had pieced together, updating us on his quest to help change laws in Canada due to the events that transpire within Dear Zachary. For those who've seen the film, prepare to be transported right back to that vulnerable, emotional place you reluctantly visited the first time around.

So, yeah, prepare to get your cry on.

Dear Zachary is about the power of love and friendship in the most difficult of times, and it's one of the most powerful and memorable docs you'll ever see. I'll always be thankful for the small role I played in helping it gain more exposure following that tiny premiere in Park City, Utah. Watch the epilogue below, and for more info you should visit the film's official website or its Facebook page



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