Could This 'Deadpool' Game Trailer Provide a Blueprint for the Movie?

Could This 'Deadpool' Game Trailer Provide a Blueprint for the Movie?

Jun 27, 2013

Deadpool video game

While a Deadpool movie continues to languish in development hell, Marvel’s wise-cracking antihero is currently celebrating the release of his new video game this week and perhaps everyone over at Fox studios should check out this new trailer so we can all avoid the tragedy of a Deadpool movie featuring a take on the character like we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As this trailer demonstrates, High Moon Studios, developer of the new Deadpool game, seem to have a good grasp on what makes the character work – the fourth wall-breaking irreverence and over-the-top violent shenanigans. I’ve always thought of Deadpool sort of like a psychotic Spider-Man; you get all the jokes and fun, minus all the nerdy pathos and morality.

Granted, movies and video games are different mediums, but there’s a blueprint that could be followed in this teaser. Get back to the hilariously violent Deadpool and incorporate that into a film. Ryan Reynolds could pull this stuff off. Of course, we’d hope that Fox would rein it in just a little bit. Talking tacos in a Deadpool movie might be a tough sell (and is one more reason why the trailer reminds us of a Suda51 game like Shadows of the Damned or Lollipop Chainsaw), but the basic idea is right. Give us a wise-cracking, bat-sh*t crazy Deadpool for the new movie or don’t even bother.

Maybe there’s hope considering screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick say their script is a hard-core R-rated adventure. Still, perhaps they should check out this clip just to make sure everything matches up -- well, except the dubstep. We can live without that. 

[via HitFix]


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