Watch Some Great Test Footage for the 'Deadpool' Movie That Never Happened

Watch Some Great Test Footage for the 'Deadpool' Movie That Never Happened

Jul 28, 2014


Fox has been teasing comic fans with the prospect of a Deadpool movie for years now with no actual start date in sight – but this leaked footage featuring Ryan Reynolds voicing the Merc with the Mouth proves there may still be hope for this project after all.

If you recall, last summer comic creator Rob Liefeld mentioned that director Tim Miller had teamed up with Ryan Reynolds to create some test footage for a potential Deadpool film. Somehow, it now appears that the footage has found its way to the Internet – and if you love Deadpool (who, admittedly, is a bit of an acquired taste), you’re going to want to watch this clip before it disappears forever.

In it, we see Deadpool doing what he does best – taking out bad guys while cracking jokes along the way. This is sure to please people annoyed by the Deadpool appearance in Wolverine: Origins, and now has us convinced that this movie needs to happen.

Fox still hasn’t committed to making a Deadpool movie a reality, but maybe if this video garners enough viral support it’ll finally give in and green light the production. What do you guys think? Would you want an entire Deadpool movie with this tone and action?




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