Meet the Crazy 'X-Force' Character That Almost Appeared in 'Deadpool'

Meet the Crazy 'X-Force' Character That Almost Appeared in 'Deadpool'

Feb 08, 2016

One of the greatest aspects of Deadpool is that the film somehow exists in both the X-Men universe and our universe. It's unique in that way (and in a whole lotta other ways), and it's wild to see a superhero movie completely rip on other superhero movies while also being very much a part of that same system. 

And sure, Deadpool is in Deadpool, but there are other popular comics characters too, like Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (and plenty of jokes about the other X-Men), but another celebrated character almost joined them and was unfortunately cut at the last minute: Garrison Kane.

We spoke about Kane and how he would've been used in the movie with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld in a wide-ranging interview that'll run throughout the week leading up to the film's release on February 12. "In this film he would’ve been another product of “the workshop,” he says. "So another enhanced mutant that we introduced to further Deadpool’s connection to the Department K Weapon X program, which in this movie you know as “the workshop.”

Liefeld continues, "Kane had huge set pieces, but to get an R rating the budget was revised and not everything survived. I saw some of the models they had made for Kane, and he would’ve been very expensive. He had all these cybernetic limbs that expand and turn into guns. His hand flies off and coils. He’s an X-Force character and he has a history with Deadpool. There’s a lot of animosity there [between the two characters]. But it’s cool – Kane will just go back into the box for another time."

We asked Liefeld how it works in terms of which X-Men or X-Force characters they can use in Deadpool. Is there a specific list they can draw from, or is it essentially open season?

"Every mutant in the X-Men universe is cataloged," he says. "They go through the list and decide who would be applicable to the story, and then they submit to Fox. Marvel clears it as long as it’s in the nature of the character. I know Tim [Miller] was very excited that he got the clearance to use Negasonic Teenage Warhead, but he wanted to give her slightly altered powers. He called Marvel – he’s good friends with them – and they said go with it."

So what does the future hold for Deadpool, and could the film serve as the first in an R-rated superhero universe? Stay tuned, we've still got a bunch of juicy Deadpool stuff to show ya.

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