Deadpool Has An Important Message About Men's Health

Deadpool Has An Important Message About Men's Health

Jan 28, 2016

The first red band trailer for Deadpool made it clear it wasn't going to be like most other superhero movies. It was vulgar and violent and crass and apathetic. There wasn't talk of needing to save the world or the country. It just showed us a man with terminal cancer undergo an experimental treatment and come out the other side a foul mouthed, gun-toting killer.

But just because Deadpool can kill three men with one bullet and then joke about it making him want to touch himself doesn't mean he's a bad guy. He cares about saving lives as much as he cares about taking them. That's why the minds behind Deadpool put out this cheeky PSA for testicular cancer.

As it turns out, when Deadpool was talking about touching himself, he meant he was going to give himself the same monthly physical exam that all men should. Take note, anyone at risk for testicular cancer. Deadpool has an important public service announcement for you.


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