'Dead Rising' Movie Will Bring the Zombie Apocalypse to a Screen Near You

'Dead Rising' Movie Will Bring the Zombie Apocalypse to a Screen Near You

Jun 20, 2014

Dead Rising 3

Get ready for another zombie apocalypse, because Capcom’s Dead Rising is coming to a screen near you.

The popular zombie-slaughter franchise has released three main games so far – and sold over 6.5 million copies -- with the most recent appearing on Microsoft’s new Xbox One console. The titles feature bands of survivors trying to traverse treacherous environments (including lots of shopping malls) while avoiding the undead. Players can craft crazy weaponry out of items found throughout their surroundings to slaughter the thousands of zombies shambling around them while they try to solve the mystery behind the outbreak.

Sony’s Crackle streaming service has acquired the rights to premiere a full-length, digitally animated feature based on the games domestically. Tim Carter and Thomas Harlan will write and produce through their Contradiction Films imprint, which has previously given us the Mortal Kombat: Legacy digital series. No director has been attached yet.

The project’s plot blurb reveals the direction the story will take:

Dead Rising  takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic, with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy.”

We’re assuming the four leads will be the main characters from the various games, which are photojournalist Frank West, former motocross champ Chuck Greene, his daughter Katey, and Nick Ramos. If this is the case, that means it would most likely take place sometime after the events in Dead Rising 3.

Once the film debuts through Crackle, it will eventually make its way to VOD, DVD and television.

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