Superhero Buzz: The Rock May Be the Villain in 'Man of Steel 2,' Alternate Doomsday Concept Art and More

Superhero Buzz: The Rock May Be the Villain in 'Man of Steel 2,' Alternate Doomsday Concept Art and More

Apr 10, 2017

Marvel may have the hottest trailer of the day, but we've got a bunch of DC Extended Universe bites for you, too: 


Superman vs. Black Adam?

According to a secret source possibly working at Warner Bros., Dwayne Johnson is playing the villain in Man of Steel 2. You may recall that many, many years ago Johnson revealed he will play Black Adam in DC movies, and since then we've heard he'd be the villain in Shazam! and would also get his own solo movie. The rumor that he's now Superman's adversary in the Man of Steel sequel, however, also comes with word that Shazam! is "practically dead" after execs were unhappy with its script. So the Instagram post above may have been a hint? [via Movieweb]


New Superman in Old Superman Clothes

Speaking of Man of Steel 2, the current Superman actor, Henry Cavill, tested for the role back in 2011 as the first Man of Steel was taking shape, and apparently he did so wearing Christoper Reeve's costume from the '70s and '80s Superman movies. That's right, Warner Bros. still had the outfit, and it fit Cavill like a charm as you can see in the photo above, recently shared on Vero by Zack Snyder. It's no wonder he was cast for what's now a whole cinematic universe. [via Cinema Blend]



Doomsday Concepts

Also speaking of Superman, the villain that (temporarily) killed the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice almost looked a little different than he appears in the crossover movie. In the images above and below, shared by artist Jerad S. Marentz on Instagram, you can see how Doomsday almost looked more like he does in the comics. [via]






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