DC and David Goyer Reveal Plans for a Series of Low-Budget Superhero Movies

DC and David Goyer Reveal Plans for a Series of Low-Budget Superhero Movies

Dec 02, 2013

Suicide Squad comic coverAs Marvel continues to go ever bigger in its quest to dominate the blockbuster-superhero-movie subgenre, the folks over at DC and partner Warner Bros. are still playing catch-up. While plans are afoot to get back into the action with the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, the rest of DC’s future slate is best described as “amorphous.” Sure, there might be a Wonder Woman movie at some point and we may see Justice League someday, but when it comes to concrete plans and release dates, it’s pretty clear that DC is lagging way behind Marvel in terms of sheer output.

That could change in the coming years, as Warners and DC are set to announce plans for a series of more modestly budgeted superhero flicks based on some of their less popular IPs. Bleeding Cool has revealed that David Goyer is set to become DC’s version of Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige – and he’ll be shepherding cinematic versions of titles like Suicide Squad, Booster Gold and other adaptations through the development process.

DC is apparently planning to release two of these “lesser” films per year – one in spring, another in the fall – in hopes of not only expanding their wider cinematic universe (in a way similar to what Marvel has done), but also as a way to make some extra cash.

Take, for instance, the Suicide Squad feature. Early reports indicate that this film could be made for roughly $40 million – which is what passes for low budget in today’s Hollywood. If the film captures the public’s interest and makes even $100 million at the box office, DC and Warner Bros. win on both fronts.

It’s easy to look at this in a cynical light and think that trotting out a bunch of films about characters that only hard-core comic fans love is a bit desperate, but remember – Iron Man wasn’t exactly a household name before Robert Downey Jr. brought him to life on the screen and gave him crossover appeal. DC does have a rich and varied stable of characters and teams – and some of those books would translate to the screen quite nicely.

What do you guys think? Is this a good move for DC or are titles like Suicide Squad going to be a tough sell because they’re too obscure in the eyes of mainstream audiences? Help David Goyer traverse this treacherous path – what titles do you think would be best for DC to adapt? Could an Aquaman movie be in our future?

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