David Schwimmer Negotiating to Play Mob Hit Man in 'The Iceman'

David Schwimmer Negotiating to Play Mob Hit Man in 'The Iceman'

Nov 11, 2011

Actor David SchwimmerDavid Schwimmer might be best known as Ross on Friends, but the actor is looking to branch out dramatically – and his latest role could be the one that makes everyone view him in a new light.

Variety says Schwimmer is negotiating to join the cast of The Iceman, Nu Image/Millennium Films’ mob tale chronicling the exploits of real-life hit man Richard Kuklinski. Michael Shannon is cast as Kuklinski – the subject of several HBO documentaries over the years – but Schwimmer would also be playing a Goodfella – fellow killer Josh Rosenthal. Imagining Schwimmer as a cold-blooded murderer is a bit of a stretch, but maybe he’ll surprise us.

Should Schwimmer accept the offer to join the cast, he’ll be working alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, who’s playing Kuklinski’s unsuspecting wife, and Ray Liotta as mob boss Roy Demeo. The film is being directed by Ariel Vromen. The screenplay is based on Anthony Bruno’s non-fiction book The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer and Kuklinski’s prison interviews.

While many question the veracity of Kuklinski’s claims (he reportedly killed over 100 people, yet most of the wise-guys profess to have never heard of him), there’s no doubt that this story has the potential to make a compelling film. We’ll find up if Vromen and company are up to the task soon – The Iceman begins shooting in January of next year.


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