David Lynch's 'Hotel Room': Watch the HBO Series You've Probably Never Seen

David Lynch's 'Hotel Room': Watch the HBO Series You've Probably Never Seen

Nov 12, 2013

With the soaring popularity of David Lynch over the past several years, audiences are digging into the director’s past and finding appreciation for his earlier projects. The filmmaker’s Hotel Room aired on HBO for a mere three episodes, but left a lasting impression on audiences — especially fans who felt lost in a post-Twin Peaks world and those left hanging after only seven eps of broadcasting sitcom On the Air. Each of Hotel Room’s stories takes place in the same location — room number 603 of the Railroad Hotel — but is set in a different year (1969, 1992, and 1936). 

Although the guests change, the employees (a maid played by Camilla Overbye Roos and a bellboy played by Clark Heathcliffe Brolly) remain the same — and they don’t age one bit. Wild at Heart author Barry Gifford wrote the script for the short-lived series — Lynch was inspired by Gifford’s novel for his 1990 film of the same name — with writer Jay McInerney and director James Signorelli (Super Fly, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) contributing to the second episode. You’ll recognize several Lynch regulars (Harry Dean Stanton, Crispin Glover and music by Angelo Badalamenti) as well.

Each segment is a fascinating character study with Lynch’s signature weird, albeit more humorous than many of his films. Dangerous Minds spotted all three Hotel Room eps online, which you can watch, below.






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