If David Lynch Had Directed 'Return of the Jedi,' It Might Look Like This

If David Lynch Had Directed 'Return of the Jedi,' It Might Look Like This

May 21, 2014

The early ‘80s was an exciting time for David Lynch. Fresh of the success of his Elephant Man adaptation, which won him admiration from mainstream audiences and earned eight Academy Award nominations, Lynch was approached by George Lucas in 1981 to direct the final installment in the original Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi. Lynch turned down the project as he felt the series bore Lucas’ fingerprint. The filmmaker spoke briefly about his dalliance with the Star Wars universe in this 1985 interview from journal TIP Filmjahrbuch:

TIP: George Lucas got in touch with you because of "The return of the Jedi" at that time.

Lynch: Yes. George Lucas got in touch with me at the same time Dino did, and I had to make an important decision. George was great. He´s a living legend, but although I was really fond of him; I realized that his projects are entirely his projects, and I prefer to do my own.

TIP: You wouldn`t have had the same creative freedom like when doing "Dune"?

 Lynch: Absolutely not. In George`s imagination the movie was already done. It wouldn`t have made a difference with me doing it. It would have looked exactly the same.

TIP: Did you ever regret not doing it?

Lynch: No, I really don`t know how it became public that I was Involved, because I never told anybody.

As the interview states, Lynch took on big-budget sci-fi production Dune — the failed project of famed cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky (the account of which is chronicled in the new documentary Jodorowsky's Dune).

A YouTuber by the name of C-SPIT has reimagined Return of the Jedi as if Lynch directed it. The “surreal, hypnotic, confounding” trailer opens like a shot from Dune, revealing a dark, strange planet. Cue red lights, fire and ambiguous, creepy imagery. Darth Vader as Twin Peaks enigma Bob is right on the money, as well as Yoda sitting in for Twin Peaks’ the Man from Another Place (a little person who talks backwards). There are plenty of other Lynchian goodies in the fun clip. A big hat tip to Welcome to Twin Peaks for the Yoda from Another Place image, above. 

[Spotted via Dangerous Minds]




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