Watch: David Lynch's Personal Guide to Independent Filmmaking

Watch: David Lynch's Personal Guide to Independent Filmmaking

Jul 16, 2013

While we celebrate David Lynch's latest album — an ode to America's most mythologized decade, the 1950s — let's take a look at this featurette: "Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker."

The director recently indicated that he's not optimistic about making another movie, but his passion for cinema seemed unwavering in this video. He boasts that technology is greater than ever, making it easy for individuals to see their dream projects brought to life. We get to watch him in action, setting up shots, talking about editing, screenwritin, and creating soundtracks.

Lynch isn't known for being very forthcoming about his work, which he restates in the clip. "It's amazing how much you can talk about without talking about that." This is something that carries through to the filmmaker's relationship with actors during production. They do things they don't necessarily understand the how and why of, but it feels right and makes sense regardless, they tell us.

Most importantly, Lynch stresses that filmmakers should enjoy the process. "If you don't enjoy the doing, that part of your life is gone." Watch Lynch at work, and cross your fingers we'll get another movie before he retires from the big screen.

[spotted via Dangerous Minds]

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