David Lynch's 'Duran Duran' Concert Movie Is Too Weird Not to Watch

David Lynch's 'Duran Duran' Concert Movie Is Too Weird Not to Watch

May 17, 2013

It's no surprise we've arrived at an age where we expect a handful of concert movies to arrive in theaters each year, many of which will come served with a useless side of 3D. Some are your more straightforward concert experience, while others will mix a live concert with behind-the-scenes footage, offering fans and viewers a more personal look at the artist(s) when they're not performing. 

And then there's David Lynch's Duran Duran concert movie, which is unlike any concert movie you've seen before. 

Currently screening in the marketplace at the Cannes Film Festival in the hopes of scoring theatrical and/or home entertainment distribution, this particular concert movie isn't much different than simply watching a live stream of a Duran Duran concert... if, ya know, David Lynch directed that live stream.

So, sure, you have your various shots of the Duran Duran band members while they're doing their thing onstage, but those shots come with, say, naked dolls waving their hands in the air, or a superimposed wolf, or flames rising above the band. Basically everything you'd expect from anything David Lynch directed.

Most of the Lynch-directed clips from the show (recorded in March 2011) are online now and available to watch, and we'll of course let you know if the full "concert movie" cut will be hitting theaters near you in the future. [via Bleeding Cool]

Here are a few songs to watch first.




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