See Four of the Best Movies of the Year This Weekend and These Filmmakers Will Give You a Prize

See Four of the Best Movies of the Year This Weekend and These Filmmakers Will Give You a Prize

Aug 23, 2013

As our Managing Editor Erik Davis pointed out a few months ago, this is the best weekend to watch movies this summer. Some of the finest indie films this year are all hitting theaters at the same time, so if you're the type of person who says there's never anything good or original to see in theaters anymore, go to your local cinema and throw a dart at the marquee. Chances are you won't be disappointed.

And as if seeing some of the best American films of the year wasn't incentive enough, the filmmakers behind four of this weekend's releases have spontaneously come together to offer prizes for simply seeing each other's movies. 

It all started when David Lowery, the director of the Sundance hit Ain't Them Bodies Saints, offered up a custom-made prize for anyone who not only saw his film, but went out to support Drinking Buddies, You're Next and Short Term 12 as well. He was offering up a screen-used prop from the film that he'd also augment with an original illustration of his own.

After learning of his offer, the producers of You're Next stepped in to sweeten the pot with an animal mask from the film. Then writer-director-producer Joe Swanberg announced he'd be throwing in a signed Drinking Buddies poster. Not to be left out, the folks behind Short Term 12 wanted to throw in a signed soundtrack of their film. Seeing all the fun, director Ti West (who acts in both You're Next and Drinking Buddies) revealed he too would throw in something signed from one of his films.

The rules are pretty simple (see all four films theatrically), but we implore you to read Lowery's website for the specific details. And if you're worried that you have to live in New York and L.A. to be able to see all four films, don't get mad just yet. Since the films will be expanding into new cities over the next few weeks, they're giving you until the end of September to collect ticket stubs to all four films. Of course, the prizes will only be available while supplies last, so you better act quick.


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