David Fincher Explains 'Dragon Tattoo' Opening Credit Sequence: It's a Perverse Trip Through Lisbeth Salander's Subconscious

David Fincher Explains 'Dragon Tattoo' Opening Credit Sequence: It's a Perverse Trip Through Lisbeth Salander's Subconscious

Dec 20, 2011

One of the more talked-about aspects of David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the film's opening credit sequence featuring Trent Reznor and Karen O's cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" blaring over dark, black, perverse images that sort of ooze in, out and around the screen. We can't say we didn't expect something fascinating from a filmmaker who perhaps pays a little more attention to the opening credit sequence than others, using it as an extension of his story and the characters that play within it.

We sat down with Fincher a couple of days ago to talk all things Dragon Tattoo, and asked him about the opening credit sequence, which he told us was meant to represent Lisbeth Salander's subconscious. "I had the idea of wanting to sort of get Lisbeth’s point of view into the title sequence; I wanted it to be there before she walks in. I wanted to set the stage," he told Movies.com.  "I liked the idea of this sort of homage to Maurice Binder, and I liked the idea of dark recesses – the primordial tar pit of her subconscious."

Fincher continued, elaborating on how these visions of his became a reality. "I went to a friend of mine, Tim Miller, who runs Blur Studios -- he and his wife Jennifer do titles and graphics packages. And I went to both of them and said, ‘I want to do a title sequence. I see it being black and shiny, and I see this fluid simulation thing so it’s sort of black lacquer splattered with black lacquer, but I don’t know what the specific things are – can you do this?’ And we had worked for two-to-three years trying to get Heavy Metal and The Goon off the ground, but I said I can give you eight weeks. And he and Jennifer went through the books and sort of picked specific scenes to put on these index cards – the drowning of Gottfried, emergence of the Phoenix – ya know, Lisbeth's connection to technology; the blooming of Henrik’s flowers. So we had this whole list of things we wanted to see and I said just make it as weird, perverse and black as you can make it. And they did."

You can see snippets of the opening credits sequence within the music video for Reznor and O's "Immigrant Song" cover below. We also included a couple of other memorable Fincher opening sequences. Stay tuned for our full interview later today.


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