Is David Cronenberg Returning to 'The Fly'?

Is David Cronenberg Returning to 'The Fly'?

Oct 03, 2011

Our pals at caught up with the awesome filmmaker David Cronenberg recently, and they asked the Canadian to speak on some of the rumors that have been swirling around his name. Mr. Cronenberg explains how he is not in any way connected to the upcoming Timecrimes remake (although that would be pretty awesome) and that there are vague rumblings on an Eastern Promises sequel -- but here's the tidbit that will have the horror fans salivating. When asked about any new involvements on Fox's The Fly franchise, the filmmaker had this to say:

"The Fly' is not exactly a remake, it's sort of a sequel, kinda. Yeah, that was a thing. I've written a script of that, and I don't know if that's going to really happen, but that has to do with Fox."

(Definitely do check out the full piece over at Shock.)

So why do the horror fans hold out hope for Cronenberg's return to the genre? Well, it should be obvious. Not to take anything away from films like Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, Spider, Crash, or Naked Lunch -- but this man once had a consistent run of horror films that eclipses even the finest streaks by John Carpenter. Shivers, Rabid, The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome, The Dead Zone, The Fly, and Dead Ringers. All in a row. THAT'S why we want him back in the horror field, and why we'll cling so happily to any little piece of news that might further the cause.

Up next for the director is A Dangerous Method (opens next month) and a lighter piece with Robert Pattinson called Cosmopolis. But to see Cronenberg back in the universe of The Fly, which is arguably his most tragic, horrifying, and fascinating film, well, that'd be like Disneyland on Christmas Day.

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