Nerd Watch: Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon May Convert Us to The Dark Side

Nerd Watch: Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon May Convert Us to The Dark Side

Jul 05, 2011

We're afraid of heights, but if there ever comes a time where we attempt flight in a hot air balloon, we'd want to be onboard this awesome piece of Star Wars geekery. According to the balloon's official website, folks living in Montana, Quebec, Ohio, Nevada and New Mexico should prepare to see a floating Darth Vader helmet sailing over their neighborhood sometime soon.

More from the website:

"The idea of creating a balloon symbolizing the SW saga has been on my mind for a long time. But I was too shy to ask George Lucas (Lucasfilm) permission to do it.

Then I met with FanWars in 2005. They wanted me to make a Death Star - shaped PVC helium balloon. While discussing with FanWars leader Nicolas Lelong aka TK-9999, I spoke of my idea of a Darth Vader - shaped hot air balloon. For me, it was more of a joke and a fantasy, but Nicolas took it seriously and found the idea wonderful. He took contact with LucasFilm in order to try to get their agreement.

TK-9999 spoke of the project with Steve Sansweet (LucasFilm)...and LFL gave us the green light for a Darth Vador's helmet shaped balloon a few weeks later."

Tech specs:

26 meters ( 86 feet) high, basket included
21 meters ( 69 feet) wide
24 meters ( 78 feet) depth
Estimated hot air volume 3.000 m³ ( 106,000 cubic feet)
Estimated weight 290 kilos ( 640 lb)
Year of making : 2007
Pilots :
             Lambert Benoit
             Lambert Michel

 [via Geek Tyrant]

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