Stephen King Trusts Ron Howard and Co. will Still Make 'Dark Tower' Movie

Stephen King Trusts Ron Howard and Co. will Still Make 'Dark Tower' Movie

Jul 19, 2011

Yesterday brought news that Universal has officially killed their ambitious plans to make a trilogy of movies (along with two related TV shows) out of Stephen King's Dark Tower series of books. Sources close to the deal cited that budget concerns are what ultimately lead to the project's downfall. It's also in no way a guaranteed blockbuster, and would take a substantial commitment from the studio to promote and successfully market their grand plan.

So what does Stephen King think about the whole thing? Apparently he isn't viewing this as much of a setback, telling EW the following via email: "“I’m sorry Universal passed, but not really surprised. As a rule, they’ve been about smaller and less risky pix; maybe they feel it would be better to stick with those fast and furious racing boys. I bear them no ill will, and trust Ron Howard to get Roland and his friends before the camera somewhere else. He’s very committed to the project.”

Is there a chance Howard and his team will find a new home for The Dark Tower? Perhaps ... though we don't expect it will remain in its current form of three movies and two TV shows. How long it will take before it finally goes before cameras is anyone's guess, but we'd wager a new Fast and Furious movie will hit theaters long before The Dark Tower sees the light of day.

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