Heads Up: 'Dark Knight Rises' Tickets Are Now on Sale (Updated w/ New TV Spot)

Heads Up: 'Dark Knight Rises' Tickets Are Now on Sale (Updated w/ New TV Spot)

Jun 11, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises is still a little over a month away and while the wait for July 20th might be brutal for fans eager for the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, maybe it will be a little easier once you've got a ticket in hand for opening day.

Actually, that just might make it even harder. Whatever the case, tickets go on sale today. So whether you want to catch The Dark Knight Rises on a Saturday afternoon or at midnight or in IMAX or at an IMAX midnight, Fandango has you covered. And if just one movie isn't good enough, AMC, Cinemark and Regal will all be offering marathons of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight leading up to Rises, so keep that in mind as well when doing your buying.

Tickets are on sale as of this writing, so head over to Fandango to grab as many as you need.

Check out an international TV spot below ...

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