Hear How a Weedwacker Helped Bring 'The Dark Knight Rises' to Life

Hear How a Weedwacker Helped Bring 'The Dark Knight Rises' to Life

Aug 02, 2012

Regardless of how you feel about The Dark Knight Rises overall, there's no denying it's a technical marvel. Everyone is already well aware of director Christopher Nolan's obsession with the look of film and his dedication to shooting on IMAX, but what's equally important, but often overlooked, is how the film sounds as well. It's one thing to, say, pull off an awesome visual design of the Bat, but the only way to complete the illusion is to make it sound like it's really zipping in and out of the streets (and sky) of Gotham City.

Thankfully the indespensible SoundWorks Collection is here to explore just exactly how the aural palette of TDKR was designed and executed. Don't expect them to settle the debate of what was going on with Bane's voice, but they do dive into how the film's instantly memorable chanting was created and integrated into the score, and how a modified Weedwacker is the backbone of what makes the Bat fly. It's all cool, geeky stuff, and definitely worth checking out for those who like to see how movies come to life.

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