'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Tickets Already Going for $200 on eBay!

'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Tickets Already Going for $200 on eBay!

Jan 19, 2012

Though the film won't be arriving in theaters until July 20, many IMAX theaters have already started selling tickets to those first midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises. And, as such, there are a whole ton of shows that are sold out. We're not certain how many shows are sold out (you'll have to do that research yourself depending on where you live), but one trip to eBay would suggest that demand for these tickets is already high enough to warrant a whopping $200 price tag (or you can Buy It Now for $250). Not surprisingly there are currently no bids, despite the fact that the seller claims they already sold a pair for $200 (plus they throw in free shipping ... and, well, who can turn down free shipping?). Another similar posting is offering up NY IMAX tickets for $100.

Or, ya know, you can wait a few hours and pay a significant amount less. We're curious to see whether more tickets start cropping up on eBay, not to mention how successful the sellers are. Is The Dark Knight Rises worth paying $200 for a pair of IMAX tickets to that first midnight showing? We're not going to tell you what to do, but unless that $200 gets you Anne Hathaway purring in your ear throughout the film, we'd sit this one out and opt for opening weekend tickets instead. Also, we imagine Warner Bros. will also be holding fan screenings in the weeks prior, so hang tight -- don't spend $200 on movie tickets months before the film opens -- and do a little free-screening detective work once the calendar hits July 1st. Just our two cents.

[via @DerrickDeane]

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