This 'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX 12:01 Poster is One of the Best Yet

This 'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX 12:01 Poster is One of the Best Yet

Jul 10, 2012

We know you've been inundated with Dark Knight Rises stuff, but take a minute to check out this new IMAX 12:01 poster that our friends at Fandango just premiered. We're loving the dirty, gritty, black-and-white feel this gives off, especially the way the bat symbol forms around Bane's haunting eyes. This poster is a limited-edition print and part of the special IMAX 12:01 series, which specifically highlights those first midnight screenings for a big film arriving in IMAX theaters. With roughly an hour of footage shot with IMAX cameras (a new record), The Dark Knight Rises is easily the most important film ever to hit IMAX theaters, and its success will only fuel more films to explore shooting in the format, which, to us, is a lot more exciting than watching a movie in 3D.

Check out the poster below, courtesy of Fandango, where you can still snatch up tickets to those midnight screenings all over the country. Definitely one of our favorites from the marketing campaign so far, but what do you think?

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Here's some more info from IMAX on how you can own one of these posters ...

Exclusively for IMAX fans – those attending THE DARK KNIGHT RISES IMAX midnight shows in the first hours of July 20th will receive this exclusive, limited edition print featuring Gotham City’s newest super villain, “BANE” (Tom Hardy). Director Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticipated epic conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy hits IMAX theatres on July 20 and will include more than an hour of footage shot with IMAX cameras.

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