'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Not Get a Director's Cut, Say Nolan's Reps

'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Not Get a Director's Cut, Say Nolan's Reps

Sep 12, 2012

Sorry Bat-fans, but that rumored director's cut of The Dark Knight Rises featuring 30 minutes of extra footage does not -- and will not -- exist, according to director Christopher Nolan's reps. They confirmed to The Playlist that there are no plans in the works for a director's cut and that earlier reports are incorrect. Nuke the Fridge originally reported via secret sources that Nolan was planning to add in an additional 30 minutes of footage to the Blu-ray/DVD, with most of it said to reveal a clearer origin story for Bane that was shot, but not included in the film. The site followed up that rumor with one claiming another version of The Dark Knight Rises -- perhaps said director's cut -- would arrive on shelves right before Man of Steel hit theaters next summer. If you listen to Nolan's reps, though, it would seem these rumors are just that: rumors.

Still, though, we do not know what will be included on the Blu-ray/DVD of The Dark Knight Rises, due out most likely in time for the holiday buying frenzy. Though Nolan is not one to keep a ton of footage on the cutting room floor, there's a chance we could see a few deleted scenes, just nothing worth sticking back into the film. We do know, according to the film's costume designer, that there was a scene shot showing you why Bane required the breathing mask, so we hope that's included on the video release.

Were you hoping for an additional 30 minutes of footage on the Blu-ray/DVD? Do you think the film needed it? Sound off below...

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