Quick Hits: Surprise 'Dark Knight Rises' Role Uncovered, 'Conan' TV Spot, 'Commando' Remake Update

Quick Hits: Surprise 'Dark Knight Rises' Role Uncovered, 'Conan' TV Spot, 'Commando' Remake Update

Jun 15, 2011

Drew McWeeny at HitFix has scored a huge scoop about a character's appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. We shall say nothing more here except to warn you that it's undoubtedly a big spoiler, but head on over if you're dying to know.

The feature trailer for the Paul Rudd-starring Our Idiot Brother premiered at Yahoo! today:


Joseph Khan's very divisive genre-mashup flick Detention has just been picked up by Sony Pictures. This is the second SXSW world premiere they've purchased this year, the first being the utterly fantastic UK flick, Attack the Block.

C.H.E.R.U.B. Movie PosterA teaser poster has hit for Christopher Smith's adaptation of the hit UK young adult series C.H.E.R.U.B., which is essentially a much grittier Spy Kids.

A court has ruled that The Weinstein Company didn't have much of a lawsuit against Relativity over The Crow remake rights.

John Davis, producer of the upcoming Commando "remake," wonders if it's even right to call the movie Commando.

Paramount has just picked up Chris Cowles spec script comedy Bastards, a film about fraternal twins who learn late in life that their father isn't actually dead and thus seek him out.

It's still several months away, but the Conan the Barbarian TV spots have already begun rolling out:

Fisher Stevens is set to direct Stand Up Guys, a dark comedy about an old criminal who is hired to kill his equally old partner.

And finally, a trailer for Dark Tide, AKA Halle Berry in a bikini versus a shark.

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