Guess How Much This Outrageous 'Dark Knight' Home Theater Cost

Guess How Much This Outrageous 'Dark Knight' Home Theater Cost

Aug 06, 2012

Dark Knight Home Theater

Anytime something is prefaced with "guess how much," you know you're in for an absurd number. Then again, if you're going to build a home theater dedicated to The Dark Knight, ridiculous is just par for the incredibly rich course. So let's just cut straight to the chase: This excessive home theater monument to Nolan's Batman trilogy cost $2 million.

So what all does $2 million buy you?

- An 180-inch screen

- Six life-size Batsuits throughout the room

- Art Deco-inspired gothic architecture, including several stone gargoyles

- A life-size replica of the Tumbler hidden behind a book shelf that only slides open if you pull a secret book

- A mock, 30-foot long secret tunnel exit

- Batcomputer station that cycles through screens profiling Batman's enemies

- 15 race car-inspired theater seats

- Lots of friends wanting to watch movies at your house

If all of that weren't insane enough, this entire home theater is subterranean and is accessed by an elevator equipped with mock body scanners that appears from inside a grandfather clock after one presses a button hidden inside a bust of William Shakespeare. 

Designers Elite Home Theater Seating aren't saying who is living so large that they can afford such Wayne Manor-worthy opulence, but they have revealed that it's being installed in a 12,000 square foot house in Greenwich, Connecticut and that the person buying is actually a repeat customer who got the entire design for free in exchange for an agreement that he'd buy all of the seats from them. And that just means every penny of that $2 million price tag is going straight to construction and equipment cost, which is even more ridiculous.

Dark Knight Home Theater

Dark Knight Home Theater

Dark Knight Home Theater

Construction is expected to be completed on this Dark Knight home theater November 2012, at which point it'll make ETHS' last outrageous Batcave home-theater design look positively modest by comparison:

Batcave home theater

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