Watch the Trailer for River Phoenix's Final, Unfinished Film, 'Dark Blood'

Watch the Trailer for River Phoenix's Final, Unfinished Film, 'Dark Blood'

May 22, 2012

Back in October we brought you news that Dutch director George Sluizer (The Vanishing) was in the process of completing production on his 1993 film Dark Blood, which came to an abrupt halt 10 days prior to the end of shooting due to the untimely death of its star, River Phoenix. Thus, the film was never released or heard about again until Sluizer decided to resurrect whatever footage did exist and try to complete the film to the best of his ability so that audiences could watch Phoenix's final performance. 

Since October, Sluizer seems to be getting closer to completing the film. He's now looking to raise money to help with post-production costs through the Dutch crowd-funding site CineCrowd, and he's released two videos -- a trailer featuring never-before-seen footage of Phoenix in Dark Blood, as well as a personal video explaining that a health scare inspired him to finish the film before he dies.

From CineCrowd: "Since March 2012, George Sluizer and editor Michiel Reichwein started editing Dark Blood. It is intended that the film ?will have its world premiere at? the Dutch Film Festival later this year, provided the post-production budget gets fully funded. Besides editing, there is also a budget needed for sound editing, music composing & recording, color correction and mixage. The Netherlands Film Fund will supply a part of the post-production budget needed. There rest of the budget will be raised by George Sluizer himself. Therefore George Sluizer needs your help to fund the last part of this special feature and complete it for public display in September."

You can read about those rewards over at CineCrowd. As far as how he's finishing the film without Phoenix, all Sluizer says is he has his own ideas, whatever that means. In October, word was that Sluizer wanted River's brother Joaquin Phoenix to provide voiceover to fill in the gaps, but we don't know if that ever happened. 

Check out the videos below, and let us know what you think.

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