'Dare Me' Wants Natalie Portman to Lead a Movie About the Sinister Side of Preppy High School Girls

'Dare Me' Wants Natalie Portman to Lead a Movie About the Sinister Side of Preppy High School Girls

Jun 14, 2013

Grey Gardens and The Vow director Michael Sucsy will enter the dark world of high school cheerleading for an adaptation of Megan Abbott's novel Dare Me. The story is described as Heathers meets Fight Club. Two popular girls rule the school and their competitive cheer squad, but their new coach draws the young women into her world, leaving one desperate to get back on top. A suicide rocks the squad, but the investigation leads to dangerous territory.

Natalie Portman is being courted to star in the movie — as the coach, we hope. There could be shades of Black Swan happening here. If we don't see her leading the squad, there's always her appearances in Thor: The Dark World, out later this year, and the troubled Jane Got a Gun to look forward to. In the Cut author Susanna Moore had this to say about the novel:

"Megan Abbott's brilliant new book presents a number of possibilities — the mysterious and the erotic, as well as the inevitable and paradoxical lessons of girlhood — with such illumination that the joyful terrors of adolescence were once again present in me. Abbott's characters, confronted with unaccustomed questions and strange, new difficulties, remind us that the loss of innocence can, if we are fortunate, emerge into a lustrous wisdom."

Bitchy cheerleaders and the sinister side of high school relationships? Ok, we'll give it a shot. Until then, we'll watch Jawbreaker and Heathers and Fight Club to prepare ourselves.

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