'Dante's Inferno' Video Game Finally Alive with 'Evil Dead' Director

'Dante's Inferno' Video Game Finally Alive with 'Evil Dead' Director

Sep 18, 2013

Back in 2008 Universal bought the rights to the game Dante's Inferno, a particularly noteworthy move because the game itself was still two years away from being finished. When it finally hit store shelves in 2010, the reviews for it were somewhat soft. However, that was mainly because the gameplay itself was too similar to the already popular God of War series (which was on its third entry by the time Dante's Inferno hit). It did receive plenty of praise for its lush visual style and story about a Templar knight who has to invade Hell in order to save his lover's forsaken soul.

Presumably it's the story side of things that has brought the project back to life, because Deadline is reporting that Universal is about to close a deal with Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez to take on the film. And that's actually a match made in, uh, heaven.

Even if you felt the Evil Dead remake didn't capture the same spirit of Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead, it's hard to argue against the promise Alvarez showed as a director. Not only did he show off a flair for mind-boggling practical gore, but he's just got a flat-out energetic, bold style. If he can turn a cabin in the woods into its own slice of hell, surely he can do something grander with an actual journey through Hell. Of course, a movie like this is going to cost a pretty penny to make, so it's unlikely Alvarez will have the same relative freedom he did on the much cheaper Evil Dead, but hopefully studio intervention (either from Universal or the game's publisher, Electronic Arts) doesn't hold him or the project back.

This actually reminds us of the time James Wan was attached to turn the video game Castlevania into a movie. That never happened, but maybe this time we'll get to see what happens when a small-scale genre director takes on a large scale, genre video game. And if you're wondering what impact this will have on Alvarez's already announced Evil Dead sequel, well, keep wondering: Deadline doesn't explain what the fate of that one is.




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