'Y: The Last Man' Is Back and the Movie Lands a Surprise Director

'Y: The Last Man' Is Back and the Movie Lands a Surprise Director

Jan 10, 2013

Y The Last Man coverAfter spending nearly a decade in development, we’d forgive you if you concluded that the theatrical adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s brilliant comic book series Y: The Last Man was never going to really happen. Even when New Line announced that the project was once again in development a few months ago, we were best described as “guardedly optimistic” about finally seeing the adventures of Yorick and Ampersand play out on the big screen.

The good news is that things are still moving forward with Y: The Last Man – and today we’ve finally learned who’s going to be directing the tale of the last human male left alive on Earth (along with his pet monkey) after a mysterious plague wipes out everyone else with a Y chromosome. Filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg has landed the coveted gig.

If Trachtenberg’s name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because he was the man behind a popular short film based on the video game Portal entitled No Escape. Y will mark Trachtenberg’s first feature film, but that earlier short has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube to date, so quite a few of us are already familiar with his impressive work.

Trachtenberg takes over for previous director D.J. Caruso (and possibly beat out Christian Cardona, who made an excellent Y: The Last Man fan film last summer). No word on how the script situation will be handled, but there was a screenplay written for the Caruso version – it’s possible that it might be reworked for Trachtenberg or he might start from scratch.

In the meantime, check out No Escape below. We’ll be bringing you lots more details on this developing story as Y: The Last Man works its way through the development process. [via THR]

Also, here's Trachtenberg discussing Y: The Last Man way back in 2006. [via /Film]

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