Daniel Radcliffe Faces More Horror in 'Horns' From Joe Hill and Director Alexandre Aja

Daniel Radcliffe Faces More Horror in 'Horns' From Joe Hill and Director Alexandre Aja

Jul 13, 2012

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe continues his quest to prove that child stars can succeed as adults with his just announced casting (replacing previously attached star Shia LaBeouf) in the upcoming film Horns.

Based on Joe Hill’s novel, Horns focuses on Ig Perrish – a young man accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend -- who awakens one morning to find devilish horns growing out of his head. The new protrusions come with startling powers – making those around Ig confess their sins and give in to their darkest impulses. Ig uses his newfound abilities to find out what really happened the night the love of his life was brutally attacked.

Mixing elements of dark fantasy and horror, Hill (the son of horror icon Stephen King) weaves an enchantingly dark tapestry that should translate well to the screen. Screenwriter Kenneth Bunin is handling the adaptation, while Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha 3D) is set to direct.

Radcliffe, who’s quickly becoming a familiar face to genre fans after his work in Hammer’s The Woman in Black, will headline as Ig. Shooting is set to begin this fall.

[via Variety]

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